InterviewsInterview with Jean-Roch Chelos, manager of the SARL Rêves de Cimes

Interview with Jean-Roch Chelos, manager of the SARL Rêves de Cimes

Helping people discover Corsica in a different way through our range of activities!

As a former employee of the Corsican Natural Regional Park (refuge keeper on the GR20 route), I founded Rêves de Cimes in 2006. With 5 years of experience gained with the Corse Rand’eau association, specialists in outdoor activities, I decided to set up my own company in order to develop a range of activities designed to help people discover Corsica in a different way. I have been involved with tourism and outdoor sports now for 15 years and my enthusiasm is as keen as ever.

What kind of activities do you offer?


Our main activities are:  Canyonning, which we carry out in the Ajaccio region and Accrobranche at a facility in Vero that we established in 2003 and which remains the largest adventure park in Corsica.

We also provide Via Ferrata at the commune of Tolla, as well as walking tours in summer and snow-shoe tours in winter.

Have a look at the dates and opening times for the Parcours Aventure Accrobranche centre in Vero that is located just 25 min from Ajaccio (follow RN 193 for 20 KM and turn left at the D4 for 6 KM)


Where are the canyons that visitors can go to take part in this sport?

We use the canyons of La Richiusa, Zoïcu and Verghiellu for this sport, and the trip lasts about 2h30. We can also arrange aquatic walks for families. 


La Richiusa is located 30 min from Ajaccio on the road to Bastia at the village of Bocognano.

The La Richiusa canyon is a 40 min walk away and includes around ten jumps of between 2 and 8 m, none of which are obligatory, 7 or 8 natural slides, a 12m rappel and a 15m zip line that splashes down into the water. It is a very beautiful and fun canyon, with a narrow gorge at the end that is really stunning. The return journey takes about 15 min on foot.  


The Zoïcu Canyon is 40 min from Sagone or 1h15 from Ajaccio near the village of Soccia.

Visitors arrive at this can following a 5 min walk along a forest path, and it involves a 2h30 descent, including 6 or 7 jumps that can be as high as 10m, none of which are obligatory, one or two natural slides and 3 rappels that can be as much as 17 m high. You should allow 20 min for the return journey on foot. This canyon is particularly wild, with natural pools of emerald green water.


The Verghiellu canyon is located in Vivario, a 1h drive from Ajaccio.

The Verghiellu canyon takes 25 min to reach on foot, with 10 or so jumps that measure between 2 and 8 m, none of which are obligatory, 2 natural slides, 2 rappels of 4 to 8 m in height and a superb zip line that ends in the water 45m below. It is a very beautiful and wild mountain canyon with natural pools in the heart of a forest of centuries old pine trees, and there is no long walk back to the start.


Aquatic Walks are designed for families and children from 7 years of age.

Aquatic Walks start about 2 min walk away, and are made up of around 10 jumps of 2 to 8 m, none of which are obligatory, 5 or 6 rafting crossings, a 6m rappel that is not obligatory and a 30 m zip line that finishes in the water. This trail is accessible to everyone, but especially families that want to discover this activity together, enjoying a beginner’s trail that always keeps you in the sunshine. The return journey takes about 10min on foot.

Tell us about the Via Ferrata in Tolla?


The Via Ferrata in Tolla is located in the Prunelli Valley between Ocana and Tolla on the D3 at Col du Marcujo, just 35 min from Ajaccio.

Halfway between walking and climbing, Via Ferrata allows you to discover dizzying sensations in a superb setting, in between the sea and the mountains. It is a trail that leads along a rock face that has been fitted with cables and railings. You can safely walk along this trail using the right equipment: harness, sling line with shock absorbers and helmet.


What type of trails have you established in Corsica?


Walking trails

With a founder that was a mountain guide and former refuge keeper, walking is part of the DNA of Rêves de cimes. All our guides are, above all, passionate about the island, its mountains and its many walking routes (Mare a Mare, Mare e Monti, GR20), peaks (Rotondo, Cintu, Paglia Orba …) and lakes (lac de Crenu, lac de Ninu, …). They will know just how to share their passion with you, whatever your level of ability, needs or culture. There are a great many options: they can show you the native flora and fauna, help you enjoy nature swimming in the secluded streams and natural pools, go and meet the shepherds and sample the many gastronomic specialities of our mountains. (Fresh Brocciu cheese, coppa, lonzo …)


Snow-shoe trails

There are a great many of you that just like to experience Corsica in the summertime, with beaches and sunshine, shorts and t-shirts! They forget that Corsica is, first and foremost, a mountain in the sea and that, in winter, in case you have never experienced it, Corsica is covered in snow and offers a whole new range of possibilities for adventure. During winter, Rêves de Cimes dives headlong into the snow and invites you to discover this white island landscape from above. It is certainly the best way to prove that the Corsican people are mountain folk and that this marks their culture emphatically.


How do people contact you?


At our headquarters:         

SARL Rêves de Cimes

Chemin de Culetta

20167 Mezzavia


Contact numbers:

0616075567 Manager

0495218901 Ajaccio offices

0629153255 Sagone offices



You can find all the useful contact information on our web site  and details of how to get to our various activity sites.

Remember that we also have an office in Sagone, to the north of Ajaccio.

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