InterviewsInterview with Marc Chiappe, naturalist guide.

Interview with Marc Chiappe, naturalist guide.

Corsica is a treasure that must be protected.

Where does your passion for plants come from? I am originally from Le Cruzzini, a region of Corsica that is very wild and proud of that fact. It bears the name of the crystal clear river that runs through it and is home to the famous native species of Corsican trout (the Macrostigma). As a child, I would spend hours observing nature, the flora and fauna, but most of all fishing.

I subsequently developed this passion for the aromatic and medicinal plants of Corsica and enrolled in a number of courses in aromatherapy at home and abroad.

Of course, I sought out the elders that lived in the mountain villages, guardians of all this knowledge relating to the habits and customs surrounding the plants of the Maquis as well as their traditional usage. 

I love to share this knowledge that I have accumulated over the years with youngsters, and so I have created an aromas and flavours workshop for play centres to help them learn about the environment.


What is a naturalist guide?

A nature guide would take out a group of people (children, adults, families, associations, seniors or disabled people…) on a visit that is focused on the naturalist elements of a specific location (nature reserves, wildlife parks, forests, etc.).

The guide organises activities, usually guided walks, which aim to highlight the importance of these natural habitats and their flora and fauna. The nature guide would always call upon his or her own scientific knowledge and share this with passion.  

I have my own philosophy as a naturalist guide.

Corsica is a treasure that must be protected by teaching future generations the habits and customs of our own particular heritage and by sharing this heritage, these places and this environment with the many visitors who come here.


How to you arrange themed visits?

 I offer 3 different themed visits:


A circuit based on the Mastic Tree, the King, with an olfactory walk across the Grand Site of La Parata (1 hour approx.).

A circuit through the eucalyptus forests to meet our brothers the trees, where we discover the different species that have been introduced into Corsica (1 hour approx.).

A circuit along the coastal pathways, a promenade along the seashore, surrounded by the intoxicating aromas of the Maquis, towards the beach at Capo de Feno (2 hours approx.).

I like to walk along easy routes that are accessible to everyone and where I can present the various themes of these olfactory walks…

At the moment, my favourite route for experiencing aromas is at the Grand Site of La Parata, one which I know by heart because I worked on this magnificent peninsula in a variety of roles for 2 years.


How can people book to go on one of these journeys of discovery of the aromas of the Grand Site of La Parata?

I can take guided visits in English, Spanish, Italian and Corsican, and anyone who wants to come along should call me on 06 03 02 53 38 or email me at

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