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    Sea and water sports

    Corsica, a paradise for enthusiasts of sea

Sea and water sports in Corsica

I would like to dive, sail, surf, kick back and relax...

If it is true that happiness is on water, Corsica is unarguably a paradise for enthusiasts of sea and water sports, in all their forms. Corsica lends itself to a slower pace of life. Where better to enjoy this than by the sea, which plays such a key role in island life?

With its more than 1 000 km of coastline that are home to crystal-clear waters, vast fine sandy beaches, small deserted creeks and granite cliffs inhabited by sea birds, Corsica offers a variety of marine landscapes that is unique in the Mediterranean. Even in the height of summer, it is not hard to find a quite little creek in which to dive, fish or simply swim.

The seasons take on less importance when your day-to-day life is put to one side. Whether you’re seeking out marine sites of an incredible purity or taking part in a major sporting event, follow your instinct and embark on a journey to discover this veritable jewel in the Mediterranean’s crown.

With water temperatures suitable for bathing between May (19°C) and October (20°C), and reaching 24°C in July and August, Corsica is the dream setting for practising all kinds of water sports: sea kayaking, funboarding, competitive and liveaboard sailing, water skiing, diving, surfing and jet skiing.

Boaters know well, the tour de Corse with sailing is an unforgettable cruise.

And also when you discover the Corsican shores,you will ant only one: there to drop anchor!

The unspoilt beaches of Calvi and Ile-Rousse are musts for surfing fans, in a region where stunning nature and peace and quiet provide the ideal setting in which to unwind.

Sailing enthusiasts should head for the southern tip of the island, where the winds strengthen as they are funnelled through the straits between Corsica and Sardinia. In addition, around Bonifacio, near Figari, Tonara, Piantarella and Santa-Manza, small lagoons facing the mountains provide a charming setting for relaxed sailing.

These exciting activities provide the ideal opportunity to discover superb stretches of coast where stunningly beautiful and pristine creeks back onto rocks sculpted over the millennia. 

 If you’re after a sense of freedom, Corsica’s the place for you!

Sport, leisure and relaxation

When you head for Corsica for an invigorating holiday, a whole host of sport activities await you – perhaps even an exciting game of beach or foot volleyball! 
Over the past few years, beach sports have become increasingly popular in Corsica, with beach football and rugby stars, as well as youngsters competing at a high level, enjoying the adulation of the Corsica public who are great fans of these types of sports event, which combine excitement, fun and a competitive spirit. Why not take the plunge and give it a go yourself with a delightful setting as a backdrop?

You’ll find these sports on most of our beaches. National championship events are held in Porticcio (south bank of the Gulf of Ajaccio), Sagone and Cargèse, where magnificent bays of fine sand and pristine water set the scene. And if the sun just gets too much for you, take no more than a few steps to cool off in the Mediterranean!

Who said sport wasn’t fun?


Beaches and swimmingSand, sun and sea

This is the holiday picture (sent by text message) that is guaranteed to turn all of your friends at work green with envy. It is a shot of you, your skin the colour of caramel, sporting your coolest sunglasses and relaxing on a white sandy beach as you gaze out across the deep blue sea.

 It may be a cliché, of course, but you can mix it up a little if you wish: coming out of the crystal clear waters and looking divine, flexing your muscles on the beach volleyball court. In short, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to planning this essential summer snapshot. The beaches suggested here by Corse-Matin are just a taster. For visitors that have a wandering soul, it is advisable to try a number of different sites, ranging from the vast expanses of fine sand in the east to the creeks of the west coast, turquoise jewels set in red granite stone. There is an endless variety of surprises waiting for you around every bend in the road and at the end of every footpath. These locations could be busy and ever popular or quiet and secluded, sheltered in a tranquil bay or facing out to the wide open seas, but whatever the case they are always beautiful. The only catch is that some of them can be dangerous when the wind picks up and the rolling waves start to crash. Unless you happen to be an Olympic swimmer in peak form it is probably best to stick to swimming at beaches that are supervised by lifeguards. Always pay attention to the signs and flags, even when the sun is shining.