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    All the pleasures of running waters in Corsica

    Swimming,canoeing, rafting, kayaking,canyoning

The rivers and the pleasures of running waters in Corsica

Canoeing, rafting, kayaking, canyoning, all the thrills, all the pleasures of white water

At the end of paths that are often steep, or along trails that plunge into valleys or cling to mountainsides, a grove can often guard a hidden treasure. A little corner of paradise is often waiting to be discovered, only by those who are determined, in the most unexpected of places, far removed from the world. 

Those who make the effort to find a way through the trees or to leap over stone walls usually find that their efforts have been rewarded. Their discovery is often a true haven of peace. Corsica is not simply a land of fine sandy beaches and creeks. It is a land criss-crossed by breathtakingly beautiful rivers of fresh water - fiumi in our language- where taking a swim is enough to make time stand still. It is a land of natural pools where, as soon as you arrive, you cannot wait to dive in, away from prying eyes. Some of these rivers may be wilder and suited to more adventurous types, but all are nevertheless surrounded by lush greenery and mysterious rock formations that could easily have inspired the impressionists. From mountain villages to those on the plains, from the north to the far south of the island, these priceless pools refresh the mind and calm the spirit. This could be explained by their closeness to nature, perhaps, or by the invigorating freshness of the waters that flow here. It makes no difference! To plunge into the running waters of Corsica is to be in harmony with the wild nature of the island, a nature that is beautiful and untamed. 

For those who prefer the joys of rafting or canyoning, the island of rivers you scramble through glorious scenery. Kayaking even has an internationally renowned festival that will appeal to more extreme. This "mountain in the sea" is certainly a paradise for outdoor sports