Begejstrede udtalelserMøde med Patrick Oblette, vejleder og instruktør i Eole Figari

Møde med Patrick Oblette, vejleder og instruktør i Eole Figari

Eole Figari, en skole med sindsoprivende oplevelser

Created around 10 years ago, kitesurfing is a water sport where a surfboard is continuously pulled along by a flying kite. It is a sport that is attracting more and more participants, especially those who are in search of a few thrills.

Patrick is this sport only for the experts or is it accessible to all?


Patrick: Kitesurfing is more accessible that you might imagine and certainly not only for the experts. Developments that have been made in the quality of the equipment, which has become ever more effective, mean that it has become safer and easier for people to take part. We are finding that we are welcoming increasingly younger children at our school.

Kitesurfing requires a location that is adapted to the sport, especially in terms of space, and our site at Figari allows people zip around without risk to themselves or others.


Can you tell us a bit about the instruction people receive and how long it takes participants to start experiencing these thrills?


Patrick: From their very first lesson, the pupil will be able to start using the kite, and they will already start steering as we begin on land aboard large skates that are pulled along. After 3 lessons, the pupil will begin to ride on the boards and will start to experience his or her first thrills on water. These sensations are especially strong when you are lifted up by the wind, making some truly spectacular leaps!

Of course, people who are used to this type of sport, such as snowboarders, wake boarders or windsurfers, will find it much easier to get into it.


Do you think that kitesurfing is just a fad?

Patrick: I don’t think so, because the number of aficionados is growing every year, in France and across the globe. There are constant advances being made in terms of the equipment and new varieties of kitesurfing are evolving to broaden its appeal. We have speed, with a Frenchman currently holding the world speed record over water, kite-surfing with waves and, now, hydrofoil kitesurfing that generates even greater speeds. We will start to give special classes for those who wish to learn to kitesurf on a hydrofoil from spring 2014

In this way, our company is adapting to the advancements that are occurring, and in order to further promote this sport we organise the Inter Island Challenge every September (Corsica to Sardinia).  


So are you optimistic about the future?

Patrick: Our school has been around for more than 20 years, we have moved from windsurfing to kitesurfing, we have followed the evolution of kitesurfing and taken part in the training programmes supplied by the Kitesurfing Federation. We were one of the very first schools in France...

Today, we continue to innovate by offering new courses involving hydrofoils and coaching sessions and courses for clients that are completely tailored to suit their needs.  

We remain optimistic about the future because we are, first and foremost, passionate people who want to share these unique experiences at Figari, which is a site that is renowned throughout Europe!

Visit the Eole Figari  web site

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