Experienced divers are unanimous on this subject: the Cerbicales islands, a protected area, the Lavezzi islands, the Finochiarola archipelago and Scandola reserve are truly enchanting, where many hobbies and careers have been spawned from a first scuba dive in Corsica’s waters. At the heart of these magnificent protected zones, surrounded by slipper lobsters and date mussels, transform yourself into a fearless explorer as you discover the island’s unique Mediterranean coastline. Get in contact with one of our many diving clubs, whose instructors will introduce you to some hidden and undiscovered diving spots. And for those who prefer more leisurely pursuits, why not don a snorkel and mask? Perfect for more shallow waters, snorkelling is the ideal way to experience a variety of reefs, while guided snorkelling tours provide an insight into marine biology. 

Whether you’re using an oxygen tank or simply a snorkel and mask, you’ll come across typical Mediterranean residents such as scorpion fish, mullet and gilthead sea bream. A must for all marine enthusiasts is a visit to the “underwater trail” on the Lavezzi archipelago in the heart of the Parc Marin International des Bouches de Bonifacio, which enables visitors to get close up to a wealth of amazing marine fauna and flora (brown grouper, giant limpet, large pen shell, corb fish etc).

The Office de l’Environnement de la Corse arranges free guided tours for visitors. 

If you prefer not to head offshore, you’ll be able to observe birds such as the famous osprey by the island’s beaches, as well as many other species which endow our special region with an almost unreal charm. Corsica is indeed unique in character and magical in its diversity.

So, why not take the plunge?

Corsica is also made for regular fishing and harpoon fishing enthusiasts, with the island’s gentle climate and translucent waters favouring an abundant variety of rock fish.