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    Korsikas naturarv

Korsikas naturarv

The island’s appeal lies in its superb natural landscapes. With its magnificent mountain scenery and delightful seascapes, Corsica is full of surprises.

Shaped and hollowed by erosion, the striking red granite cliffs known as the Calanche de Piana plunge steeply into the sea. Also remarkable is the hamlet of Girolata, overlooked by a Genoese fort and only accessible by boat. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Gulf of Porto is a breathtaking sight, with its granite cliffs soaked by the sun and its multi-coloured pebble beaches. Although very different in character, the Straits of Bonifacio, which separate Corsica from Sardinia, are equally stunning. Bonifacio is characterised by its beautiful limestone cliffs, including the famous “grain de sable” (grain of sand), a huge rock which lies just off the coast here.

On the opposite side of Bonifacio lies the Escalier du Roi d’Aragon, a staircase which, according to legend, was built by the Aragonese in a single night. Used by the people of Bonifacio for centuries, these steps are a source of pride for locals. Corsica’s landscapes and monuments reflect the island’s complex history which can be explored through the statue-menhirs of Filitosa, the “castelli” of the Alta Rocca, and the Genoese citadels standing guard along the coast – a whole host of beautiful sights in peaceful, tranquil surroundings.

Discover the emblematic forests of Corsican pine, inhabited by mouflons; some of the remarkable trees in these forests are centuries old.

Take a stroll through the Castagniccia region, exploring the labyrinth of gently sloping hills planted with sweet chestnut trees. As spring begins to leave its mark on the landscape, breathe in the scents of the flowers and the blossom of the exotic lemon and mandarin trees which are so characteristic of the region. Full of hidden gems, the Castagniccia never ceases to surprise visitors with lakes, rivers, waterfalls and natural springs around every corner, making each walk in the region a real delight. Stop for a rest alongside one of these natural pools, or, better still, take a dip in their clear, refreshing waters and then dry off on the warm stones nearby.

It’s so easy to find peace of mind in Corsica and an incredible sense of wellbeing