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    History has left its imprint everywhere, even in the most remote villages on the island

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Corsica history is engraved in the very stones of this unique island.

The villages of Corsica are dotted with Genoese towers, and fortified bastions – history is engraved in the very stones of this unique island. Built to defend the island against attackers during the Genoese occupation, Corsica’s Genoese towers can be seen all over the island and are a reminder of this important period of its history.  Many of these towers are being restored and those open to the public include the Tour de Porto, Tour de Capitello, and Tour de la Parata.

Also of interest is the Genoese bridge which spans the Golo river in the village of Ponte Golo, the site of a famous battle between the troops of Pasquale Paoli and the King of France in 1769.

Evidence of Italian military genius can be seen across Corsica, which is dotted with citadels, forts and bastions. One of the best examples is the citadel at Calvi, which is marked by the island’s long struggle for liberty with its stone fortifications, imposing keep and drawbridge overlooking the sea. As you explore the island’s history, you’ll discover the Genoese forts at Matra, Girolata and Saint-Florent. Admire the old fortifications at Porto-Vecchio, a fine example of Ligurian architecture.

These intriguing sites and monuments are marked by the passing of time and bear witness to the island’s rich history.