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First and foremost, Ajaccio enjoys a magical and unique setting. The town is shaped around one of the world's most beautiful gulfs, with a backdrop of mountains that remain snow-capped until the spring. This stunning beauty is enhanced by a delightful climate and a relaxed pace of life "à l'ajaccienne". With its bright colours, radiant light, wonderful cuisine and friendly, smiling people, it's easy to fall in love with Ajaccio at first sight. Enjoy a morning stroll savouring the town's atmosphere. Wander down to the old port, through its lively and bustling markets, and along the narrow streets of the old town, lined by aristocratic private mansions. Later in the day, indulge in the pleasures of Ajaccio's white sandy beaches, where you can swim until late-autumn. And after the daily spectacle of a glowing sunset over the Sanguinaires islands, the night is yours to enjoy. Soak up the town's relaxed, friendly atmosphere, which is often enlivened with Corsican music and song.

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