Stay "Nature and legends 9 days" with the OT Ouest Corsica

With so much to see and do in our region, you won't have time to get bored!


Day 1: Storm the Genoese tower

Wake up the pirate in you by visiting the Genoese tower in Porto. Located in the heart of the village on a rocky promontory, this tower offers a view of the gulf and inside a permanent exhibition on the protection of the Corsican shores and the key figures in the history of the Gulf of Porto.

It also hides a small museum of heather and the use of this type of wood at the foot of the tower.

A wonderful adventure to discover with the family.

Day 2: Brushing against the mythical GR20

  With a local guide or alone, dare "almost" the mythical GR20. It is the hike/step to Lake Nino and its pozzines (squares of lawn broken up with water holes) that will give you a little taste of the GR20 experience.

Marked out, achievable in 6 hours of walking, the path runs through the maquis, the forest and the ridges up to 1,883 m above sea level where you can admire Lake Nino a little below (1,760 m), sparkling in the in the midst of pozzines on which wild horses gallop freely.

Another alternative: horseback riding. Not a bad challenge, right?

Day 3: The deserted village of Muna or visit of the unusual heritage

A disturbing, almost mystical adventure on the heights of the hinterland of Sagone, after having taken the impressive road of the creeks of Muna which will lead you to the hamlet of the same name.

Sometimes hidden by the tall grass, the alleys of Muna reveal abandoned buildings and others restored which come to life in summer. This once glorious village has seen its doors close since the 1950s. There still floats the laughter of children behind the old school and the smell of oil from the old olive mill.

 A visit to the past that is well worth the detour.

Day 4: Beach!

Because it's still the holidays, we rest and enjoy one of the many beaches in our territory.

Sand, pebbles, small, large, equipped, wild, with or without leisure, there will be something for everyone!

Day 5: Girolata or in the time of Pirates and Barbary?

It is a picturesque village with no road access where the Ottoman pirate Dragut was taken prisoner in his fort in 1540 following his numerous lootings on the island. Two solutions are available to you to reach this little corner of paradise :

The more nonchalant will choose the boat trip from the various ports of West Corsica, to moor in the port of Girolata and take the time to discover the village or even to land on the terrace.

The most athletic will choose hiking on a panoramic path in the heart of the maquis. Passage through the wild beach of Tuara, ideal for a picnic and a swim.


Day 6: Wild swimming

It's hard to resist the temptation to take a dip in the river when it's hot. Well, it's an opportunity for a family picnic along the river and/or at the foot of a Genoese bridge. After a few minutes of walking, whether on the banks of the Lonca or the Spelunca and even in the forest of Aïtone for the best known, you will find a shady corner to refresh yourself and relax in the swimming pools dug naturally in the rock. . It's up to you to choose from the different options offered by the region


Day 7: Gourmet temptations on the terrace

The gourmet and quality products of the region with the taste of citron, nepita, brocciu, citrus fruits, hazelnuts, etc... are found on the menus of our craftsmen who have elevated the manufacture of ice cream in Corsica to the rank of gastronomic art. Little tip: taste these delicious ice creams on one of the beaches or on the terrace with a view of the sea and ask for the real homemade ice cream.

Day 8: Horseback riding

Does a horseback ride appeal to you? The adventure takes place in sharing, listening and kindness.

But yes, to taste the harmony of the senses in the heart of unspoilt nature, nothing can replace the reassuring rhythm of your animal's footsteps!

With the scents of the maquis, horseback riding will make you discover the different facets of the region. Along the rivers, crossing goats cows and pigs in freedom. From coastal paths with a sea view to shaded stops under the trees, you will reach summits from where you can admire the beautiful beaches that await you for superb gallops and refreshing swims with the horses.


Day 9: Hey, hey Sailor.

To explore such remarkable and unmissable sites as the creeks of Piana and the Scandola reserve, embark on a sea excursion or hire a boat and admire these UNESCO heritage sites.

You will discover magnificent and grandiose landscapes, most of which are only accessible by boat and hair in the wind, the sailors will appreciate the spray and the mysterious caves along the coast.

You will see the osprey's nest and the lovers' cave and if you look in the right direction, the playful dolphin will wave at you.


Day 10: And why not… make the holidays last

There is reason to be a little sad, the holidays are over. And if not, we can overcome the blues of the return with the shopping?

Charcuterie, cheeses, honey, jams, olive oil, chestnut flour, candied chestnuts, wines...

Soap, essential oils, cosmetics...

Cutlery, pottery and ceramics, basketry, jewelry, coral, driftwood...





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