PCR test required to access Corsican marinas since 17 April

Sail and dock in Corsica with full peace of mind

To best protect the season ahead while also keeping the island safe in the face of the current pandemic, recreational boaters arriving into Corsican ports must be able to show a negative PCR test less than 72 hours old.

Covid-19 Health protocol for marinas

In addition to the mandatory test requirement for those arriving in Corsica by public air and sea transport, an equivalent requirement exists for persons arriving by other means.

It is now therefore mandatory for any individual arriving by boat, regardless of the boat’s flag or origin, to be able to show a negative result from an RT-PCR test to receive permission to disembark in a Corsican marina.

When a boat arrives at a Corsican marina and makes VHF or telephone contact, the operator must ask whether all persons on board are in possession of a negative RT-PCR test carried out less than 72h ago. The operator must also remind passengers that the requirement to be in possession of such a test applies to all Corsican ports.

A check should be carried out by the port authorities on the pier and/or in the harbour offices. Health and social distancing measures should be strictly observed while this check is taking place, including, most notably, the wearing of protective masks.

Following the check, passengers should be given a document certifying its completion by the port. This document must specify the date and location of the check and the identity of the individuals involved.

Port managers may call in the law enforcement authorities in the event of passenger failure to respect these rules. They have the power to penalise offenders pursuant to standard procedures.

In the event that a passenger is unable to show a negative RT-PCR test carried out less than 72 hours ago, or that a passenger fails to respect quarantine measures on board a vessel, an involuntary confinement and isolation order may be issued by the Prefect of Haute-Corse.

Exceptions to the requirement to test less than 72 hours prior to travel


· · Individuals who have already stopped off at a Corsican port

· · Individuals who have already stopped off at a Corsican port and who have, at that time, shown all of the documents required are exempt from the test requirement  provided they have not left Corsica for more than 24 hours in the interval. The document submitted by the harbour offices in the first port of entry to Corsica will serve as proof.

· · Short stop without getting off the vessel

Recreational boaters arriving in Corsican ports for the sole purpose of refuelling are exempt from this test requirement, provided they remain on board their vessels.

· · Persons under the age of 11

· · Workers

Persons who cannot show a test result on arrival

Wherever possible, local agreements with approved testing centres will make it possible to carry out testing on board vessels. Failing this, individuals may leave their vessels for the sole purpose of getting tested then go back on board to await the results of the RT PCR tests carried out. Read the prefectoral decree of 16 April 2021 making various boating inspection measures compulsory in the department of Haute-Corse within the context of preventing the spread of Covid-19

“The ports of Southern Corsica wanted a decree that took account of the whole coastline, and of moorings”. Organised moorings will come under the control of the manager’s agents, with other moorings coming under the jurisdiction of the authorities.

Vessels from a country outside the European Economic Area or Schengen area may only disembark in certain marinas and must give the port authority 72h notice of their arrival. These are the marinas at: AJACCIO, BASTIA, BONIFACIO, CALVI, PORTO VECCHIO, SAINT FLORENT, and TAVERNA.



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