1. I prefer to stay in sustainable accommodations (certified)

2. I choose to be a responsible consumer, by buying local and seasonal products

3. I have an environmentally friendly behaviour during my stay: I recycle my waste, I try to limit my own production of garbage, I watch my water and electricity consumption

4. I preserve natural areas by respecting the instructions and recommendations, I stay on marked path while I hike

5. I bring a garbage bag when I visit a natural space to keep my waste and not create pollution, I do not collect plants I enjoy by watching them

6. I prefer to practice slow activities while I discover natural spots 

7.  I look for the  responsible diver chart  from the Longitude 181 Association before practicing scuba diving or diving activities  

8. I prefer to use biodegradable sunscreens to protect the marine environment, lakes and rivers

9. I limit my motorized transports by using public transportation and gentle mobility, for instance by discovering the GT20 the ‘great crossing’ from Cap Corse to Bonifacio

10. I use dedicated spaces to drain sewage and wastewater while I travel with my boat or my motor home  

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