By Nathalie the 19/11/2013

Interview with Julien Truchon, a potter and ceramist from Patrimoniu

I have always felt a strong attraction to all the creative disciplines, art, sacred things.

The creation of ceramics is, for me, just another form of expression like any other.

Where does this passion for ceramics come from?

In 2005, thanks to chance and one of those quirks of fate, I had the opportunity to take over the workshop that was founded by my father in 1981 in Patrimoniu, where he worked as a potter and ceramist. At the outset, this proved to be technically challenging and I had to learn the skills and techniques of the profession as best I could. I started off by reproducing items.  This was also an opportunity to really grasp the profession, away from our family workshop, most notably in the Burgundy region of France for two years, as well as in Japan.


Where does your inspiration stem from?

From life, from everything, in every place and at every moment. I nurture this with research, with a natural curiosity for "other places", travelling... cultural, literary, cinematographic, etc.

Over the last few years my ambitions have become more defined and I have progressively steered the workshop and its products towards that which interests me most, which happens to be tableware. In this way, I have gradually set off along this path, collaborating with chefs in joint creative projects. This inspiring approach to the craft serves as my blueprint for the collection of works that I currently have on sale at my boutique in Patrimoniu.


What type of objects do you create, and for what type of clientele?

The bulk of my work is orientated towards tableware objects: mainly plates but also a variety of receptacles, bowls, teapots, etc. Around 10% of my work is made up of decorative objects.

My clientele, for the most part, comes from Corsica and the rest of Europe. Half of my clients are private individuals, with restaurants making up the remainder.

Where can someone buy one of your creations and is it possible to visit your workshop?

My creations are available to buy throughout the year at my boutique in Patrimoniu, but they can also be seen at any of the restaurants I work with.

My workshop, my very private « lair », cannot be visited, although I am often available at the boutique to chat with visitors.

In addition to this, I regularly update the web site and Facebook page with photos of my latest work. You can also order my pieces on-line at my web site:

Visit the workshop and showroom of J.Truchon, open all year round from Monday to Saturday from 9h00 to 12h00 and from 15h00 to 19h00

The place known as Campo d'elge


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