24 June to 3 October 2022

Exhibition "La Grande Belleza, Art in Rome in the eighteenth century, 1700-1758" and "Anna Vivante Rome, shadows and drapes in the eighteenth century". This exhibition is produced in partnership with the Accademia di San Luca, the Gallerie Nazionali Barberini e Corsini, the Musei di Roma and with the exceptional support of the Louvre Museum.

An exhibition divided into five sections: Rome, Academy, The Feast and the Show, the Palace, the Church


The churches, palaces and streets of the city set the scene. A city represented in the exhibition by paintings in the style of vedutisti artists (van Wittel and Panini among others), interpreted by landscape painters, such as Jan Frans van Bloemen, featuring festive scenes and depictions of the everyday life of ordinary people mingling with the upper classes.

Portraits of popes and cardinals by leading artists (Ghezzi, Subleyras) represent different time periods in history.

Alongside the paintings are a range of drawings, from academies to caricatures, engravings (Piranesi), sculptures, furniture, and art objects, to give a rounded view for this artistic production.


The objective is to discover eighteenth century Rome, a time of far reaching but of which little is known. In creating this exhibition, the gaze of photographer Anna Vivante turned not just to the staircases of the Trinità dei Monti (1723-1726) and the Trevi Fountain (1732-1751), but also to the streets and church interiors to identify the architectural and sculptural details.

The talent of trained archaeologist and still-life photographer Anna Vivante is to help us feel we are in touch with the past, sometimes with the help of a just a fragment, and this stroll through Rome, more than any other city, is an invitation to immerse ourselves in the civilizations that preceded us, through small details…


More information: www.musee-fesch.com


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