June 18, 2023 in Ajaccio

AJACCIO capital of outdoor sport, SENS CORSICA and the Intercommunal Tourist Office of the country of Ajaccio organize the first Swimrun of Ajaccio.

The Swimrun is a sporting event linking repeated swimming and running courses, of a minimum of three segments.

Competitors perform the Swimrun in pairs, keeping their outfits throughout the race. They swim with their shoes and run with their wetsuit.

Join the Corsica Swimrun to swim and run between sea and mountains in the heart of Ajaccio. A perfect playground for practicing a great race in ideal conditions.



• An M duo format: 17 km in total comprising 13.5 km of Run and 3.5 km of Swim, again in the form of small portions of 200 to 800 m of swimming and 150 to 3000 m of running. In total, this represents 10 swimming portions and 10 running portions.

• An S duo format: 8 km in total including 6.5 km of Run and 1.5 km of Swim in the form of small portions of 200 to 500 m of swimming and 150 to 2500 m of running. In total, this represents 4 swimming portions and 4 running portions. Note: The routes are subject to change depending on administrative or meteorological constraints.


Other distances are proposed:

• XS and junior format (12-19) “discovery” 400 meters of swimming and 1500 meters of running

• Race 6-9 years: 50m swim, transition and 500m run.

• Race 8-11 years old: 200m swimming, transition and 1500m running.

• Race 10-13 years old: 400m swimming transition and 1500m running.




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