From the Corsican producer to customers

A Facebook page that puts Corsican producers in touch with customers

This initiative is the work of Françoise Mélard-Peretti, the wife of an Ajaccio fisherman. Based on the premise that it’s solidarity we need in these times of crisis, she decided to create a Facebook group, called ‘Du producteur corse aux consommateurs’ (From the Corsican producer to customers), first and foremost to help those of her friends also married to fishermen. Then, bolstered by its 350 or so members from all over Corsica, she shifted her focus to promoting local producers and artisans to the general public, saying: “in this period of confinement we should be favouring local food networks and buying locally. We should ‘take advantage of this crisis’ to change our eating habits, given that almost all producers and artisans deliver or have set up a drive-through service".


The initiative also aims to help producers by offering them the technical resources they need to develop their businesses. After lockdown has ended, we must continue supporting all initiatives aimed at ‘consuming differently’


Producers offering drive-through, delivery or direct sales services include: Pêche Silvestri (Gulf of Ajaccio) and François Giannetti Pêche (Valinco) for fish, Emily and Charly for fruit and vegetables (Ajaccio, Mezzavia) and Casgiu Casanu for Cheese (Corsica)... see Facebook page for full and further information!


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Facebook Page: From the Corsican producer to customers





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