L’Osteria di l’Ortu in Central Corsica

A Casa Guelfucci: environmentally responsible guest rooms in Corté

In Corte, Central Corsica, Marina and Antoine GUELFUCCI have been making it a point of honour, since 1998, to renovate this grand, more-than-hundred-year-old building, which is now “A Casa Guelfucci”.

Now an iconic landmark to the town, over the years A Casa Guelfucci has become a firm favourite with food lovers and those who are looking for a peaceful getaway. The restaurant menu, put together by Marina, changes with the seasons, with dishes made using produce from sustainable agriculture: garden vegetables, home-made charcuterie and meat from animals reared locally. All of this produce is of course cooked and prepared with passion. No two rooms are the same, but each is tastefully decorated and can accommodate either couples or families.

For a number of years now, wine production has been making a comeback in the Corte region. The Guelfuccis have planted some 3 hectares of organic vines, which now produce three different wines: a red named Ghjuvan-Tumasgiu, a white, Maria Antonia and a rosé Laurina.



A Casa Guelfucci - Osteria di l'Orta

20250 CORTE


Open from April 1 to November 15




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