The Corsica Tourism Agency partners with BikingMan Corsica

Ultra-distance cycling under curfew

BikingMan is a series of unaided, unassisted, totally autonomous long-distance cycling courses across every continent.

With endurance being the key to success, cyclists enter this event for the ultimate challenge. BikingMan came to Corsica in a slightly different format this year, and subsequent races will be hosted by the Sultanate of Oman in February and Portugal in September for the world championships. The Corsica Tourism Agency is delighted to be partnering with the event to further promote Corsica as a visitor destination.


Around hundred participants, including seasoned athletes, former Olympic medalists, record-holders and athletes were ready on the start line in San Damiano for the 2020 race. Axel Carion, founder of BikingMan, gave the start signal. Following a GT20 record in 35 hours and 32 minutes in September, we found Axel a month later wearing his organiser cap. ‘This Corsican Race has an XXL dimension,’ he tells us. ‘To end the season, each daily stage will involve elevation of at least 3,000m, with magnificent climbs such as Verde, Bacchia, Bacinu and the Ospédale. Cyclists will also cycle some of the most beautiful coastal roads on the island.’ The best cyclists should be able to complete the route in 50 hours.


Daily curfews added to the existing challenges of the course. Cyclists were not able to ride at night as originally planned, and had to stop cycling by 9pm. ‘We understand that compliance with health and safety rules will continue to play an important role in this event,’ says Axel. ‘These rules are shared by the Corsica Tourism Agency which, as an event partner, has endorsed BikingMan Corsica with its ‘Safe Corsica’ health and safety label.’ 




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