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Meet Petru Pà Salviani, young guide and speaker

Bastia as a backdrop...

Bastia is a blend of colours and light, culture and history’



Aged 23, Petru Pà is one of Corsica’s truly successful young people, holder of a Masters degree, and with an academic background extending from Bastia to Corte via Rome.


Passionate about history, in love with his country and Bastia his hometown, he has qualified as a guide and speaker which allows him to share his love of the island. Fluent in French, in Italian and in Corsican, Petru Pà is also a key figure for any locals eager to discover or rediscover their heritage.


3 questions for Petru Pà

At 23, what motivates you?

My primary motivation is, without a doubt, my passion for the history and heritage of Corsica. I continually want to research and learn, improving and developing my knowledge to be able to pass it on to different generations. Today, this is how I’ve combined the professions of guide speaker and historian – both play a crucial intermediary role between culture and heritage and the public.


Tell us a bit about your hometown of Bastia.

Bastia is a very special city. I can’t really explain it, but it’s about an attachment to an atmosphere, and a football club above all else. My studies and training have allowed me to further discover its culture, heritage, wealth and thus its history. Bastia’s identity makes it simply unique.


Where will you be in 10 years?

Today, I can’t say. I’d like to stay in Corsica and work in cultural mediation or in education. My goal is to be able to teach a part of our history, culture and language which all represent the inseparable links between the generations, and which allow intellectual growth in our youngsters.


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