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A day of Mountain bike "Enduro" & "Downhill" at Bike Park in Bavella

We recently made the most of sunny and bright winter skies to tackle and experience Bavella mountain bike Park, a sports & leisure park open year-round, entirely dedicated to enduro & downhill mountain bike riding. The bike park streches over Bavella’s Larici pine tree-forest, in Alta Rocca area, at the heart of the Corsican Regional Nature Park. Off we go ?.....

We reached the village of Zonza at the crack of the day ; the temperature is still a bit chilly….but not for long !!

Berenice and David, our bike park instructors, are standing ready to drive us and our bikes onboard the trailor-epuipped shuttle, up to the start-point for the 30 well-shaped tracks that cross the forest ; Just the time for us to fit in our recommended protection gear, and here we are on our way to Bavella road pass and the highest point of the many trails.


From up there, the breathking view reveals a natural environment in full glory : the grey granit and jagged « Needles » soar from mountains and contrast with deep-blue skies and emerald-green pine trees ! We eventually meet trekking amateurs on their way to « Le Trou de la Bombe », one of the many geological curiosities in the island, you can reach after a gentle 1-H walk. On the other side at the foothills of the « needles », climbers are pulling their way up. We are just at the heart of one of the hot spots for outdoor activities & sports : so close from Cuscione plateau, GR 20 walking route, canyoning or climbing spots, forest tracks and walking trails…..I could be spending a few weeks around here, soon !!

But no more bla-bla : let’s ride !

½ hour pedaling uphill will be enough (precisely on the way to Trou de la Bombe) to get to the start of the trails ; we are just gazing around unspoilt nature on the way…. Warm-up on more gentle green or blue-rated trails and then thrill yourself on red & black tracks.  A Filetta, Velaco, A Risata, Bluebox, A Bellezza, Whistler, A Piculina…..It’s up to you according to your mood and riding level : are you more into some flowy and fast trails ? unless you prefer them selective and bumpy ? They are all yours !!

Trails are clean and well-maintained, with soft earth, good catches, nice jumps, step-up & down, wall ride…it seems we are going to run out of time to ride the entire park : So, we will HAVE TO come back ! Ride after ride, we always find Berenice waiting for us at the meeting point with the shuttle to drive us for another ride ! 

Just a 100% pleasure riding day, with a quick « sandwich stop » to have a short rest : the pleasure of riding such a park, the pleasure of finding yourself amidst untouched, wild nature.

I really enjoyed the first section of A Filetta track, as well as riding sussessively Whistler and l’Altore tracks. But I found Bluebox, A Malmignata & L’Isula tracks as my favorite sections, with wall-rides, step up & down, fast and flawless curves….just like we like them !!!

The shuttle system is a good way to make the most of the tracks without too much effort ; still, this remains pretty physical and requiring ! Just note the bike park  also offers Cross Country riding options with various distances or levels of difficulty ; some are even adapted to E-bikes ! David And Berenice did not forget about the kids as a Mini Bike Park is entirely dedicated to them, under supervision of a certified instructor (moniteur Breveté d’Etat).

Coming soon, work in progress: A North-Shore zone will be soon available, and we are SOOOOO keen to try it !!!! What about you ?





Bike Park de Bavella
 Route de Levie - 20124 Zonza - CORSICA


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