The 18-hole Sperone golf course

Enjoy a beautiful day out in Bonifacio!

It was an incredibly sunny day in southern Corsica in November, with a temperature of 22 degrees – winter almost feels like spring down here. I had an appointment with Marc Aurèle, my personal coach for a golf initiation day.

I arrived early and decided to enjoy the terrace bar. The view is breathtaking: the Lavezzi Islands, Cavallo Island and Sardinia stretch out before me, and just under the terrace is the driving range, a must for good golf practice. After trying (with more or less success) to hit the ball and familiarise myself with my club, the serious bit began: taking control of my golf buggy and heading to the green!

Holes 1–11 are sumptuous: a calm and relaxing environment, peaceful nature, and a green preened to perfection. The only noise we heard was the buggy. Marc Aurèle introduced me to the essential golf terminology: par, bunker, birdie, caddy, fairway, tee... now all these words mean something to me at last.

Arriving at the second half of the course, we looked out across the Mediterranean from Hole 16, perched on the cliff. Words don’t do justice to the beauty of the scenery here: blue stretching out to infinity, the smell of the salty sea air on the breeze, and perfectly preserved flora and fauna.


My session ended at the U Sperun restaurant, which welcomes both golfers and other visitors.


The most

Golf de Sperone

Domaine de Sperone


Tel : 04 95 73 17 13

Restaurant open for lunch; equipment hire available

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