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A Corsica rich in symbols

Until 30 March 2019, see the exhibition ‘E figure di Corsica’. Symbols, emblems and allegories at the Museum of Corsica describe the symbols, emblems and allegories of Corsica from ancient times to the present day.


The exhibition takes into account the many names given to Corsica; its cartographic representations through the centuries (an island instantly recognisable by its shape); its allegories (e.g. the warrior), its symbols (the dog, the mouflon) and its coat of arms (the Moor’s head).

Head of the Moor, silhouette of the island, the mouflon and other symbols: there are so many graphic forms by which Corsica can be recognised today.


Museu di a Corsica
Musée de la Corse. Jean-Charles Colonna

Musée régional d'Anthropologie
 La Citadelle
 20 250 CORTI

Tél. : 0 33 (0)4 95 45 25 45
Fax : 0 33 (0)4 95 45 25 36

Courriel : museedelacorse.info@ct-corse.fr

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