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Summer in Eastern Corsica

Arriving from Bastia, in the direction of Aleria, a city from antiquity that was founded on the ruins of an ancient Greek market town, visit the Jérôme Carcopino departmental museum that retraces the life of the city and allows visitors to travel back in time to the Greek, Etruscan, Carthaginian and Roman periods. After this visit, you simply must enjoy a dip at the beach of Vignale de Ghisonaccia in the vicinity of the Forest of Pinia, a great coastal island forest that is home to some characteristic flora and fauna.

In the vicinity of Aleria you will find Diana’s Pond, which was already used in the Roman era to farm fish and oysters, and here you will be able to take advantage of the floating restaurants to sample seafood dishes from yesteryear and Poutargue, local caviar made from mullet roe. The Tour de Diana, built in the XVI Century to protect the pond from Barbary pirates and defend the local oyster fishermen, provides a beautiful walk for the whole family.

Further south, in Ghisonaccia, follow the coastal path where theInzecca and then the Strette Parades lead to the village of Ghisoni.The parade is so narrow that it will feel as if you are driving along a canyon. A ski resort from winter until spring,Ghisoni is the departure point for numerous walking trails that are perfect on fine days.

In summer, why not arrange a picnic near the Fiumorbo water basins, where you can swim in the natural pools of clear water and admire the centuries old beech trees. Centres for canyoning, acrobatic trails through the forest, accro-branche, via ferrata, and walking routes will all help you explore the authentic Corsica under expert supervision.

A small and winding route takes you to the historic capital of the Fiumorbu,Prunelli di Fiumorbo. The village, situated on a promontory, reveals to you an incomparable panoramic view across the Fium'orbu, especially towards the north east and across the plains of Aleria and its ponds...

The Costa Serena is undoubtedly the richest agricultural region in Corsica. From livestock herding to the production of wine or citrus fruits, it offers a great diversity of products. Don’t hesitate to sample all the products of the terroir at the markets throughout the region.

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