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Corsica is a mountainous island bursting with captivating assets.

From the sea to the mountains, come and explore an island of a thousand facets, inhabited by a community fiercely proud of their heritage who will offer you an authentic holiday. Let yourself be seduced by the beauty and diversity of Corsica’s landscapes, its peaks rising to more than 2,000m and its 1000km of coastline, in a surprisingly well-preserved Mediterranean territory.

From the Balagne to Cap Corse, and from the west coast to the east coast via southern Corsica, your trip will be punctuated with discoveries, surprises and emotions. You’re guaranteed a change of scene.

Autumn in Corsica

Autumn in Corsica is an extremely pleasant season. The island enjoys a mild climate and beautiful sunny days and the sea keeps the heat of summer. We can go from a summer-like afternoon to an evening where the first chimney fires will crackle. Most of the accommodations, shops and restaurants remain open. This is a very good time to discover the island as a couple, with friends or in group tourism.

A romantic autumn escapade.

By Nathalie Published 17/09/2013

Here are some ideas:...

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Follow ‘La Route des Sens Authentiques’ in the autumn

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An autumn walk idea in Corsica: the forgotten villages

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All the flavours of autumn in Corsica.

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Must-see autumn events in Corsica

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