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  • Travel around the world...

    ...relax here

  • Travel around the world...

    ...relax here

Lifestyle in Corsica: the art of taking your time and enjoying good moments

Corsica is an island where life is good to live.

You can come here to relax in all seasons. It’s the ideal destination for your holiday, whether as a couple or with friends, to relax and make happy memories. The sun is always shining, the climate is mild, and calmness dominates the natural landscape which will soothe you and make you forget all your worries. Come and get away from it all.

Foodies are well catered for in Corsica: it offers tasty products that will awaken your taste buds, and a wealth of local specialities representing the island’s thousand flavours. Charcuterie, cheese, citrus fruit, biscuits, chestnut flour... all these are to be enjoyed around the table with family or friends.

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a desire for authentic flavours

Browse one of the many markets in Corsica and get your hands on the island’s star products: fruit and vegetables, charcuterie, honey, chestnut flour. There’s everything you need here to create Corsican dishes – so just enjoy the island that loves its food.


By Nathalie Published 29/08/2013

Tradition dictates that these are cooked on the dried leaves of chestnut trees, soaked overnight in...

Cheese and mint beignets

By Nathalie Published 29/08/2013

Ingredients for making around 30 beignets: 200 g flour 400 g quite firm soft cheese (goat’s chee...

Ravioli with brocciu cheese and « parsa »

By Nathalie Published 29/08/2013

Ingredients for 6 servings: 500g brocciu cheese 300g grated cheese 2 eggs 8 nice stalks of « p...

Sardines stuffed with brocciu cheese

By Nathalie Published 29/08/2013

Ingredients for 4 servings: 20 good sized sardines 300g brocciu cheese 1 egg 1 clove of garlic...

Country Soup

By Nathalie Published 30/08/2013

Ingredients for 6 servings: 1 piece of bone from a cured ham several small pieces of cured ham...

Brocciu cheese croustillants with citrus fruits

By Nathalie Published 30/08/2013

Ingredients for 4 servings: 500g fresh brocciu 4 sheets of brik of filo pastry 200g sugar 2 e...


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