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Getting to the heart of Corsica’s history: the Aleria museum and archaeological site

Today we go back in time and discover one of the historical monuments of Corsica, the archaeological site and its museum in Aleria.

The entrance into the fort is impressive, transporting you directly back in time.

I would encourage you to visit the museum before the ancient site; tickets can be bought at the entrance to the showrooms. 

Several exhibition halls relate to several millennia. Here, some of the collections from excavations of the archaeological site are exhibited. 

 Visitors can peacefully observe display windows of everyday objects, ceramics, weapons and utensils of various origins (Greek, Italian, Punic and indigenous).

I continued my visit at the archaeological site... 

...the trail to which offers a breathtaking view of Aleria and the river Tavignano. 

A pretty avenue of trees guided me to the ruins of the ancient city of Aleria, with the help of a map of the site (provided by the museum) and its different architectural units.

After exploring, my brain buzzing with Corsican history, I headed towards the Bella Vista restaurant behind the Saint-Marcel church. 

This aptly-named place boasts wonderful views of Aleria to accompany your meal or snack. Manager Sophie serves a wide range of homemade dishes: sandwiches, pancakes and even mussels from the pond of Diana. NB – the restaurant is cash only.


The film festival ‘Peplum and the Romanite’ took place from 28-31 July 2017 on the archaeological site and at the fort.

On the programme were shows, workshops, costumes and local recipes, immersing visitors in the culture of antiquity and its art of living.

  Follow the Aleria Museum on Facebook .

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