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The Parc Galea in Tagliu Isulacciu: not only a rural setting

Join me on the Costa Verde for a sensory visit at the heart of a unique cultural park, presenting the history of Corsica and the discovery of the end of the world.

The most environmental: Workshops awareness of respect for the environment, sorting of waste, untreated gardens, optimal integration of the structure in the surrounding natural environment.

Since 2012 Fabrice Fenouillère, head of the park, has been reinventing his world. With its 60,000 annual visitors, 2,000 square metres of museums scattered throughout the space, 30 conferences scheduled for the year as well as a series of temporary exhibitions, the park is constantly on the move to innovate.


Arriving at the park is amazing – it’s a mix of the Wild West and Marrakech’s Jardin Majorelle. Cactuses of all sizes in strange shapes, palm trees seemingly touching the sky, ponds, fountains and small paths winding through the middle of all the greenery. With nine hectares and six numbered trails, you’re promised a beautiful day here: an immersion in ethnography, culture, history, nature and heritage.


The first room is shrouded in mystery... you arrive there by a kind of labyrinth. It’s a sensory adventure, for hearing and for touching. Plants hanging from the ceiling wait for visitors’ touch. Touch them and you’ll hear sounds. Ultra-sensitive sensors placed in their roots emit sounds according to the given impulse. Touching the plants and discovering how they feel is an unprecedented experience!


Room number two, called ‘Corsica Nature’, is dedicated to geology, water, native animals and different landscapes. In a corner, small bells are placed on a light base. I lifted them in turn: lentiscus, immortelle, rosemary, juniper, rockrose and lavender. The scents of the maquis explode in front of you.


The next space is devoted to ethnography : singing, language, gastronomy, beliefs and architecture. The room devoted to Corsican polyphonic singing particularly attracted my attention, containing life-size statues of singers, with only a skylight illuminating the room. The songs resound and the mysterious statues hold my gaze. Turned towards the ray of light, their songs seem to rise to the heavens.


Faced with so many mysteries, we’ll let you discover for yourself all the other treasures hiding at Galea.






The "plus" environnemental : Workshops awareness of respect for the environment, waste sorting, untreated gardens, optimal integration of the structure in the surrounding natural environment 

Au programme :

Children’s workshops are available in prehistoric pottery, Roman mosaics, Neolithic slab, Stantari sculpture, and many more.

All workshops are given by artist-guide speakers. No booking required.

Conferences and debates are held every Sunday at 3pm from March to October.

Follow the park on Instagram: @parcgalea.

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