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Winter in Corsica

One, two, three… ski!

By Francesca-Maria Published 17/01/2018

If you’re already familiar with Corsica in summer – white sandy beaches lapped by turquoise water an...

7 façons d’oublier l’hiver en Corse

By Nathalie Published 30/11/2018

Les jours raccourcissent, les températures chutent et les amateurs de poudreuse gagnent les sommets....

The winter atmosphere

By Francesca-Maria Published 30/11/2018

In streets and along alleyways throughout the winter, you’re bound to hear the strains of guitars pl...

Sea Urchins

By Nathalie Published 30/11/2018

Sea urchins are found not far from our coastline, living in the rocky or grassy seabed, from 1m to 1...

Winter in Southern Corsica

By Nathalie Published 11/03/2015

Here you are in the extreme south of the island and at the same latitude as Rome, so temperatures ar...

Winter in Castagniccia Mare e Monti

By Nathalie Published 12/11/2015

Ideas for a "Delights of Christmas" break...

Spring in Corsica

Easter celebrations in Corsica

By Nathalie Published 12/03/2018

This is one of the busiest period on the religious calendar, where Christian traditions and ancient...

A Cultural Escapade with the kids in Corsica this springtime.

By Nathalie Published 17/03/2014

Corsica provides countless possibilities for cultural activities to enjoy for children of all ages....

Corsica for chidren in spring

By Francesca-Maria Published 03/05/2018

The beautiful days are back, spring is finally here: the season for family holidays has arrived. Esp...

The best of Bastia in the spring

By Francesca-Maria Published 20/04/2018

Enjoy these beautiful spring days to explore the city of Bastia – with family, with friends, or as a...

The best of spring in the Balagne: from Algajola to Galéria

By Francesca-Maria Published 05/03/2018

As you fly over the Balagne before touching down in Calvi, it’s hard not to marvel at the beauty of...

The best of spring in the Balagne: From Pietralba to Algajola

By Francesca-Maria Published 28/02/2018

Located in Haute-Corse on the north-west coast of the island, the Balagne is a region where nature p...

Summer in Corsica

Via Notte

By Johanna Published 10/08/2018

Welcome to the pleasure !...

La Place

By Johanna Published 10/08/2018

The Conca d'Oro

By Johanna Published 10/08/2018

An outdoor disco...

La Taverne du roi

By Johanna Published 10/08/2018

Live music !...

Les Beaux Arts

By Johanna Published 13/08/2018

A warm atmosphere!...

Le roi de Rome

By Johanna Published 13/08/2018

A beautiful wine list...

Autumn in Corsica

Autumn in Corsica is an extremely pleasant season. The island enjoys a mild climate and beautiful sunny days and the sea keeps the heat of summer. We can go from a summer-like afternoon to an evening where the first chimney fires will crackle. Most of the accommodations, shops and restaurants remain open. This is a very good time to discover the island as a couple, with friends or in group tourism.

A romantic autumn escapade.

By Nathalie Published 17/09/2013

Here are some ideas:...

Autumn in Corsica: 30 things to do with children

By Nathalie Published 12/09/2013

After all the hustle and bustle of getting back to school, autumn half term is a welcome break for c...

Follow ‘La Route des Sens Authentiques’ in the autumn

By Anne Published 27/10/2017

With this ‘Route of Authentic Senses’, local Corsican culture is expressed through specific itinerar...

An autumn walk idea in Corsica: the forgotten villages

By Anne Published 26/10/2017

Discover the forgotten villages of the Island of Beauty....

All the flavours of autumn in Corsica.

By Nathalie Published 12/09/2013

Here is just a short list of the autumnal delights that Corsica offers. Discerning palates will appr...

Must-see autumn events in Corsica

By Anne Published 17/10/2017

What events, fairs, shows and conferences are on this autumn? Here’s an overview of events not to mi...

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