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A SCELTA: the first application for aid for the sorting of waste, created in Corsica and for Corsica

A SCELTA is an application for sorting and recycling waste in Corsica.

At the head of the app is Nathalie Fantoni and daughter Sabrina, already at the initiative of another tool to facilitate recycling: “In May 2018, we launched the Facebook page ‘Aide au tri selectif en Corse’, on which people asked all the questions they had. This page made us realise that there was a lack of a tool to give live information. From this the born the application was born,” they explain.

Aimed at both Corsicans and tourists, A Scelta – developed in partnership with Technic'info – presents itself as a lexicon of recycling.

Its main functions:

- a guide to recycling

- geolocation of different collection points and bins present on each of the points

- geolocation of the tip and information on opening hours/dates and waste accepted

- for each of the geolocated points, a route function to get there.

The ultimate goal is to make our island a waste-free territory.

The app is available to download for iPhone and Android. Every resident in Corsica can download it free of charge and thus have access to information that allows them to better sort their waste at home.

“A Scelta” means “choice” and can also be understood as “sorting”, the ideal name given that now’s the time to make the choice to sort.

A final note given by the team of developers: “The geolocation data is never recorded, any more than GPS routes or messages, and no personal data from the user is kept.”


Elle est disponible sur les plateformes de téléchargement APPLE et ANDROID et chaque citoyen résident ou de passage en CORSE peut la télécharger gratuitement et avoir ainsi accès aux informations qui lui permettent de mieux trier ses déchets sur notre territoire.


 A Scelta signifie le choix et peut aussi se comprendre comme "trier" : "C'est pour cela que ce nom était idéal. Parce qu'aujourd'hui, il est temps de faire le choix du tri."


Dernière précision, donnée par l'équipe des développeurs : "Les données de géolocalisation ne sont jamais enregistrées, pas plus que les trajets GPS ou les mails et aucune donnée personnelle de l'utilisateur n'est conservée."

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