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The Rispettu project : sustainable tourism and responsible control of environmental impact

The RISPETTU project is flying higher than ever

Reducing environmental impact and the cost of running tourist establishments, the RISPETTU scheme has now put Corsica in the eco-friendly category. The first hotels and residences are committed to an innovative approach in terms of sustainable and responsible tourism.


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water and energy consumption, reducing waste, and consuming local and organic within the hotel industry: these are the objectives of the RISPETTU project, led by the Union des Métiers de l’Industrie Hotelière de Corse (UMIH).

The project is supported by many partners: the ADEME Corsica, the Office of the Environment of Corsica, EDF, Kyrnolia, the CCI of Ajaccio and Southern Corsica. Technical support is provided by Betterfly Tourism, Reactive Consultant, and students from the Università di Corsica Pasquale Paoli.


The SYVADEC (Mixed Syndicate for the Valorisation of the Waste of Corsica) participates in this project by:

• supplying battery boxes, light boxes and composters;

• setting up links with the communities concerned to make recycling equipment available;

• responding to trainees on the issue of waste;

• communicating to all SYVADEC members about the existence of the project and its results.

Through this pioneering project, the UMIH Corsica demonstrates the commitment of the sector on the Island of Beauty to preserve its natural heritage, so appreciated by visitors, for the long term.

The ambitious project is part of the national dynamics of environmental labelling: a project that aims to measure and communicate to customers the environmental impact of hotels via a label. This label delivers clear information on the impact of the hotel, directly relevant to the night spent there by the customer.

In addition to their etiquette, committed hotels will work on their breakfast menus. The goal is to re-source products, strengthen the menu’s Corsican character, increase the range of organic products and reduce operational costs.



Some key figures:

On average: 7 kg of CO ² are issued for one night spent at the hotel.

180 litres of water are consumed on average for each hotel customer.

The environmental display approach reduces the operating cost of the hotel from €0.5 to €2 per night, which can represent for example € 13 000 for an average hotel.

About 150 hotels have experienced in France the environmental display device.

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