Wellness and Fitness in Corsica

I want to relax, recharge my batteries, remove the daily stress

Discover the pleasure of a stay in thalassotherapy, balneotherapy or hydrotherapy. the ideal program to soothe you into instant relaxation and to get rid of daily stress. Come in all seasons, for three days or more, enjoy a thalassotherapy or just a relaxing spa. Made with oil on the island, a qualified and very caring staff, close a beach day with invigorating showers and massage the whole body are heavenly pleasures.

Corsica is theEldorado of water. Fresh or salt, it is present everywhere, it only takes a few steps to cool off, swim, or relax in it. Just taking a short detour from any trail, near every village, there are natural springs perfect for lazy stopovers in stone pools polished by the current. A dip in their crystalline water is a moment of pure pleasure.

Well-being and pleasure

Corsica is an island where you can have great experiences and let yourself live. In the transparency of its pure air, plants and flowers develop their aromas, and it is a pleasure to let yourself be guided by their scent, and to stop for a swim at the beach. Or even to dip your head in the pure waters of a mountain stream. In Corsica, serenity is no longer a quest, it is a state you can easily achieve.

Fresh water ?

Rivers, waterfalls, mountain lakes, or thermal springs, fresh water is one of the island’s riches, and more visitors come every year to bathe in the most remote corners of the island. After a hike in the forest, swimming in incredibly cold water provides intense pleasure - and a rare pleasure at that.

Or salt water ?

Everywhere in Corsica and even in the sections of the island that are most popular with tourists, visitors who so choose will always find a tranquil creek in which to swim in peace for as long as they desire and at their own pace. They can even give in to the pleasure of thalasso-therapy or a spa treatment offered by some of the coastal hotels.

To do

Starting in spring, follow the aromatic route and head into the forests, the scrubland or small marked trails. Cooler and less busy, many of them end at a lake or river. Slip into the transparent water, swim luxuriously and then dry off on the warm rocks; there are so many rare moments to enjoy. And the “thalasso” option is just as delicious. With oils produced on the island and qualified staff to attend to your every need, ending a day at the beach with an invigorating shower and a full body massage is a heavenly pleasure.


The Bujia waterfalls (eastern coast), of the Voile de la Mariée (Bocognano region of Ajaccio) and those of Polischellu (southern Corsica); the thermal springs of Grand Valinco; the high mountain lakes such as lake Nino in the Niolo (Vico region) and lake Creno (Vico region) in the middle of the Laricci pine forest, or even the Ospedale lake, near Porto Vecchio.

Short adventure vacations

In any season, for three days or more, enjoy a thalasso-therapy treatment or simply some spa relaxation time in the Ajaccio or Calvi bays, near Porto Vecchio in Aléria or Bastia. In the fall, when the chestnut leaves turn red, spend a weekend anywhere along the Prunelli valley up to Bocognano, and discover the 70 m high Voile de la Mariée waterfall.

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