By Mareva the 12/07/2018

Walking on the Crêtes path above Ajaccio

Spassighjate sopra a Aiacciu, stretta di a sarra

This balcony walk above Ajaccio offers a magnificent panoramic view of the city and its gulf. It’s best done early in the morning (around 8am) or in the evening (around 7pm). Set off from the Bois des Anglais on the road to Salario, taking the famous path of the peaks.

As I told you in my article on the walk to the Parata, at this moment I like to walk. My cousin and I decided to go early in the morning. I hope you are motivated this morning, because you are coming with us!

The path climbs gradually through a landscape of wild olive trees, lentiscus and prickly pears as far as the aptly named Rocher de Bella Vista, from where the city extends before your eyes. We already felt rewarded by this stunning aerial view.

Leaving this point through a small wood with the fragrance of myrtle hanging in the air, a short steep ramp led us to the ruined sheepfolds of Lamucciu. 

A few meters above was the ‘Rock of the Devil’s Head’, which needs to be admired from the front, an unusual and spectacular granite formation resulting from erosion. According to legend, it’s the petrified head of the devil.

We had a short rest under the olive trees before starting the descent and leaving the Crêtes path at the foot of Mount Cacalovu to reach Berthault Park, close to Trottel beach. 

It’s worth taking some time to sunbathe here, and eat at one of the beach restaurants.

Further information

Getting to the Crêtes path: Bois-des-Anglais bus stop (No. 7), 15 minutes from the center of Ajaccio

Altitude difference: 300m

Difficulty: Average (accessible all year round. Hikes take 2-4 hours depending on chosen route.

All you need to know about the "Sentier des Crêtes".


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