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les iles lavezzi

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THE LAVEZZI ISLANDS. The most amazing stories always begin with the line ?Once upon a time ". You should be able to say that once upon a time you set foot on the Lavezzi Islands, to enjoy a day of "pure nature", on land and under the waves. Beaches of fine sand and small creeks, Lavezzu is an extraordinary island that is formed out of granite blocks that are often immense, deposited on a natural arid landscape that is blessed with exceptionally rich marine life. You will spend you day walking on land and diving in a relaxed atmosphere, as well as escaping on board a boat to explore some other islands of the archipelago, such as Cavallo, Ratino and Piana. Bring a sun hat, drinks, sandwiches and a bag for your litter (please), as Lavezzu is a « strict » nature reserve with no facilities whatsoever. Also, please ensure that your mobile phone is set up with you usual provider, or else you will be roaming with an Italian network (Sardinia is only a short distance away).

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les iles lavezzi

Bonifacio - Sud Corse

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