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    Producers and tastings

    A taste of magic and human charm.

Buying a product made in this land is a voyage of discovery into a particular micro-region, its culture and its artisans

Corsicans are very keen on preserving their culture, and they like nothing better than to share it. Throughout the year, from fairs to expositions, in simple shops or authentic restaurants, one can taste olive oil, chestnut specialties, AOC honey, and wines from Patrimonio, Sartène, or elsewhere… 

The islands producers do not have a grand entrepreneurial spirit. No big supermarket chains here. They prefer to seduce you with the displays in their shop windows or within the intimate surroundings of their own homes. Also, buying a product made in this land is not simply a meaningless commercial act. It is a voyage of discovery into a particular micro-region, its culture and especially its artisans, who take the time to explain to you what they believe, not just what they produce.

It is perhaps here, among the artisans, that one should go to find the most admirable evidence of their spirit, their shrewdness, their patience and of the resources they have at their disposal. Diderot himself was a regular gastronomic visitor to Corsica, and it is extraordinary to think that, one hundred and fifty years later, the pride that the locals take in helping today’s visitors to discover all the things that they do best remains as strong as ever. Only two things have changed: the European regulations that provide a guarantee that products are prepared in a sanitary environment and the labels which attest to the quality of the product.

So, make sure that you take advantage of this land filled with treats and pleasures...