Les medievales de levie


From 1/6/2021 To 30/6/2021

"Alta Rocca flagship event.
This large-scale event takes place throughout the village which turns into a medieval city.

Parades, shows, fights, theater, exhibitions, entertainment will punctuate this great celebration.

Several exhibitions illustrate this long period, on Rinucciu da la Rocca, on the Casteddi Cinarchesi, on the famous people of that time.
Workshops, on the writing of the mail to the illuminated manuscript, on Corsican crest of the Middle Ages with an introduction to the art of heraldry, on the uses of plants in Corsica of that time, are proposed.
The presentation of a model of trebuchets, stationary siege vehicles, and the reconstruction of a medieval Corsican, Corsican polearm, are original elements to discover.

Each year the Medieval Levies receive between 7000 and 8000 visitors."

Les medievales de levie

Levie - Sud Corse