The GT20: The Grande Traversée de Corse by electric bike!

The bike now has its own GR20. Soon you’ll be able to cross Corsica from north to south in total freedom on an electric bike!

 ©Wild Corsica ©Wild Corsica

Those who enjoy long bike rides can now go one step further and spend a whole day in the saddle, crossing Corsica from north to south on an electric bike.

A demanding itinerary revealing the untamed nature of the island of beauty.

A unique course in Europe for the beauty and diversity of these landscapes, between turquoise waters and snow-capped peaks.

A demanding itinerary, but accessible to all

To make this demanding terrain accessible to all, APPeBIKE – in partnership with Bosch, the world leader in powertrain engines – has decided to support the development of the GT20 by installing electric bike charging stations on the route, and at hotels every 50km along the course.

This is your chance to enjoy the riches of Corsica with the wind in your hair!


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