2-Is it easy to find accommodation outside of July and August?

Most of the island’s 428 hotels are open for a minimum of 6 months of the year, in other words from the Easter holidays until October. Accommodation options are fewer in apartment hotels, holiday villages and campsites, although campsites with a choice of accommodation options tend to stay open for longer periods. Furnished properties are generally available for rent for a period in excess of three months.

Between October and March it is more difficult to find accommodation in some parts of the island. During this period, it’s best to focus on urban areas with their wealth of cultural options, pleasant Mediterranean lifestyle and high-quality hotels which tend to be open for longer periods throughout the year.

The towns of Bastia, Ajaccio, Calvi, Corte, Porto-Vecchio, Propriano and Bonifacio are perfect bases from which to explore Corsica’s inland villages. In terms of winter accommodation, the island’s  specialist tour operators  have confirmed hotel allocations and a range of products during off-peak periods.

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