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Get inspired and visiting some of the island’s maritime jewels in just a couple of hours.

In just a few hours, you can see the most glittering jewels of the island. Take advantage of the many different cruises that set sail from Ajaccio, Cargese, Porto or Calvi and discover the exceptional site that is Scandola. The seascape of the Corsican Regional Nature Park is a veritable museum of plant life. This peninsula has volcanic origins and the reserve presents visitors with a veritable explosion of colours and fantastic scenery. The aroma of its plants blends with the fresh air from the sea to create one of the lungs of the Mediterranean. 

The Iles Lavezzi also provide an enticing panorama. Just an hour by boat from Bonifacio, this magnificent nature reserve is a paradise for divers, across which a multitude of tiny islands are scattered. It is home to small beaches with crystal clear waters and secluded creeks. What the Latins referred to as Mare Nostrum is here for you to behold in all its splendour. It is a feast for the senses and a peace haven that invites you to discover the sea caves of Sdragonato, beneath the cliffs of Bonifacio.

Corsica is also the perfect place for enjoying a trip across the waves, organised by the numerous sailing clubs of the island. This is an ideal way to combine sport and discovery as your children have fun taking part in activities in this « marine playground ». It is the ideal place to be initiated into the pleasures of the sea. Rest assured that Corsica is a Kingdom of the Sea, where everything is possible and truly magical!