If you’re planning an adventurous trip inland to tackle the island’s often austere yet beautiful snow-clad mountains, you’ll need a boldness of spirit and your imagination!

Explore the Alta Strada (GR20 in winter) on a free ride adventure, enjoying moments of great companionship as you admire the horizon of the Mediterranean from the region’s mountain tops. Spend a holiday near the remarkable resorts of Ese and Ghisoni, where you’ll succumb no doubt to the pleasures of downhill skiing and snowshoeing. The “Vallée des Pozzi”, completely carpeted in snow and teeming with ponds and the famous “pozzine” (water holes), are natural wonders which offer limitless scope for exploration.

You’ll soon be struck by the immense beauty of our scenery and Corsica’s endless opportunities for extreme sports and relaxed leisure activities.

Snow-shoe walking

Easy and fun activity, snowshoeing is the perfect way to explore the mountains in winter. The ride to the discovery rando sports, come and share the pleasures of snow in Corsica.

Discover the ski resort of Val d’Ese

The Val d' Ese ski resort in Bastelica provides the opportunity to ski only 1 hour away from the city of Ajaccio!

Downhill, cross-country skiing, snowboarding…everyone will be able to discover their own personal alpine pleasure! There is a ski school with certified instructors that will initiate your children into winter sports (from 4 years of age). The Val d'Ese resort covers just over 20 hectares, with chalets at an altitude of 1620 m and runs at an altitude of 1825m, offering an exceptional view of the sea.  

This resort is also open all summer long for walkers and mountain bikers. It is the departure point for a walking route that leads visitors to a magnificent location: the Pozzi valley (3 h return trip).

The Plus: A family day out where everyone can find an activity that suits them, meeting up afterwards for lunch on the restaurant terrace to sample a grilled “Figatellu” sausage.

Contact :

Website: Station Val D'Ese

Tél : 0495101120

PC neige : 0495461712