For a great introduction, why not head to Massif de Bavella? This vast expanse of pine-covered mountains is one of the most majestic sights in Corsica, and it’s impossible not to fall under the charm of its famous “aiguilles” (needles), towering ancient peaks which provide a true challenge for all mountain enthusiasts. At the foot of Mt Paglia Orba, and home to the Lac de Calacuccia, the Niolu valley is a huge adventure playground promising plenty of thrills for visitors.

Via ferrata

As is the Restonica valley, framed by a number of steep cliffs with a unique and almost indescribable beauty.

Experience the pleasures of Via Ferrata at climbing sites in Peri, Solenzara, Tolla, Zonza, Chisa and Moltifao, in the heart of the island’s deepest gorges. Or perhaps head for our “adventure parks” where zip-wires and tree-climbing routes offer plenty of fun for visitors of all ages in a diversity of landscapes which will impress even the most seasoned traveller.

However, these imperious peaks would be considerably less impressive without the lakes, waterfalls and thermals springs which surround them. The Bujia waterfalls, on the east coast, and those of the Voile de la Mariée (Bride’s Veil) in Bocognano, and Polischellu, provide welcome cool on a hot summer’s day, while mountain lakes such as the Nino, in the Niolu, Créno, in the Vico region, and the Lac de l’Ospédale, near Porto-Vecchio, will enchant those who visit them. You’ll soon understand why the island is a paradise for lovers of the great outdoors.

In Corsica, the diversity of landscapes will bowl over even the most seasoned traveller.