Autumn in the Grand Valinco region

Sartenais, Valinco, Taravo: the origins of Corsica

Autumn is the perfect time to explore this region that is home to historic vestiges that comprise some of the island’s most important sites. Take a trip into history and explore this land as it is today!

Arriving via Olmeto, « the balcony of the Valinco », you overlook the plainof Baracci with Propriano nestled at the back of the Gulf of Valinco.

Head to Porto-Pollo, a small family seaside resort that is renowned for its diving sites, notably « Les Cathédrales », and for the incredible richness of its underwater plants and wildlife. The professional diving clubs of the region are open until November and invite you to come and explore Corsica’s most beautiful underwater sites.

Make the most of this quiet season to stroll along the largebeach of Cupabia and collect « Yeux de Sainte Lucie », opercula of shellfish, which bring good luck in Corsican tradition.

Return to the marina of Propriano for an excursion out to sea towards Campomoro or Bonifacio and don’t hesitate to stop at a terrace to sample a dish of grilled fish, a locally caught speciality. If the sea is too rough, travel to the south of the Gulf of Valinco and visit thefortified tower of Campomoro with the children and be sure to admire the 360° panoramic view.

Don’t miss the Tour de Corse WRC that is one of the events on the World Rally Championship calendar. It will pass through Propriano and provides a series of special challenges that are unrivalled in terms of endurance and intensity.

The Sartenais Valinco Taravo region is criss-crossed by walking trails, originally established to help local shepherds and villagers travel around, which today can be visited on foot or by bike to the delight of all.

Just 15 minutes from Propriano, Sartène, the gateway to southern Corsica, is well worth a stop at the Place de la Porta. You can take the opportunity to visit the pedestrianised old town or the numerous artisans that run shops in the narrow streets. La Colomba, the character by Prosper Merimee originated from this region.  

After having left Sartène, travelling back down towards the sea, take the picturesque route that leads to the small port of Tizzano that is defended by a fort.

Taravo Valley

The long valley of the Taravo starts out at the coast of Valinco and climbs back up towards the centre of Corsica. It is divided into 2 territories; the lower and upper Taravo.

In lower Taravo, be sure not to miss the prehistoricsite of Filitosa, an ancient cultural and megalithic centre with its iconic representation of the statues-menhirs. This site offers the chance to take the children on a walk through a magical landscape.

Heading back up the valley to Sainte Marie Sicché along the national road from Petreto-Bicchisano, make a stop at Bains de Taccana or Bains de Guitera, whose beneficial spa waters have been enjoyed since Roman times.

Along the village route, the roadside is littered with fallen chestnuts that have emerged from their spiny cases and are waiting for you to collect and roast over the fire

Above Bains de Guitera, you enter the upper Taravo valley. The main speciality of this region is its charcuterie, the quality of which has always been famous. 

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