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    Discover the flavours of Corsica

An island of a thousand flavours

You may have heard of Corsica for its natural and cultural heritage, but have you ever tried its gastronomy? Products full of flavour that will awaken your taste buds, local specialties that will help you discover the gourmet Corsica. Enjoy charcuterie, cheeses, citrus fruits, biscuits, chestnut flour, etc. as a basis for good food for a moment of fun and appreciation with family or friends.


Let your taste buds guide you

Land of scents, cradle of tasty gastronomy, place of fishing and hunting, rich in ancestral craftsmanship, Corsica and its people have a taste for conviviality and sharing the good life with their guests. On the shady squares of the villages or in the hectic atmosphere of the cities, we like to meet around tables teeming with the best Corsican products


In need of inspiration?

Meet Pierre Acquaviva from Domaine Alzipratu

Meet Pierre Acquaviva, a winemaker at Domaine d’Alzipratu. Passionate about agriculture since his childhood, Pierre succeeds his father and maintains the wine tradition on the magnificent Domaine d’Alzipratu, not far from the village of Zilia in the Balagne. It’s with immense pleasure and a certain sense of ‘duty’ that he welcomes you to his estate to share his passion.

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