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When it comes to mountain biking, Corsica has something for everyone: for braver cyclists, the biking trails in the Niolu and our mountain tracks will provide a suitable challenge; while those keen on more gentle riding can follow coastal routes or pedal in relaxed fashion from village to village, taking the time to stop for a drink in a café and chat with the locals, who will be happy to recommend little-known and more remote cycling options. Our long-distance cycling trails are also some of the best in Europe. Take a short detour via the Cuscione plateau, an area popular with top-level cyclists.


The GT20: the ‘great crossing’ from Capi to Bonifacio

This is the new flagship of cyclo-tourism promoted by the Corsica tourist board. With its 13 stages spread over 550km, the challenge is worth it. On a road bike, mountain bike or even an electric bike, it’s another newly emerging face of Corsica.

When the tortuous relief of the island turns into a great adventure playground, it reveals a large backbone stretching from the Capi to Bonifacio. The ‘great crossing’ is aptly named. In its wake are the subtle charms of mountain villages, a bird’s-eye view of the sea and a possible escape to the ethereal peaks of the GR20. Thrillseekers or those eager to relax and have a change of scene will be won over. Whether you’re a sportsman or a simple hedonist, the choice is vast. In a way, everyone has their own GT20. History varies the pleasures


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THE GT20 to discover! In slow or sport mode

600 km of cycling to reach Corsica from one end to the other in 12 stages - it's more than just a challenge, it's a fantastic adventure!
Starting in 2019, the Traversata Maio 20, literally the Grande Traversée 20, will take you from the tip of the island to its southernmost tip, all by bike.
It's an incredible story, the first chapter of which is written in Bastia and ends in Bonifacio (or the other way round for southerners).


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