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Corsica, a land of culture

From remarkable sites to unique villages, the area holds plenty of surprise for you! From the Romanesque chapels of Castagniccia to the Baroque churches of Bastia, through the fortifications of Bonifacio and the citadel of Calvi, history has left its mark everywhere, even in the most remote villages of the island. But its inhabitants have also set up museums, highlighted archaeological sites, and organised popular music and theatre festivals. 

Culture patrimoine en Corse

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An island of culture and tradition

Romanesque chapels in Castagniccia, baroque churches in Bastia, the fortifications of Bonifacio, or the citadel of Calvi; history has left its imprint everywhere, even in the most remote villages on the island. But its residents have also built museums, developed archaeological sites, and organized highly successful music and theater festivals.

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