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Corsica, a jewellery box of flavours

The island’s vineyards are unlike any other, being the only island vineyards in France and over 2,000 years old. The diversity of soils and sun-drenched hillsides, the maritime influence and the unusual juxtaposition of microclimates draw the silhouette of wines and terroirs on a large part of the island’s territory. Reflect of a strong identity with thousand-year-old roots, grape varieties are  unusual and noble.

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Clos Landry

The beautiful domain of Clos Landry is located on the road to Calvi airport. The linear and verdant vine plants unfold towards the north, on a gently sloping area, lined with old umbrella pines. On the horizon, the sea shimmers. A winding road leads us past a large building with a sculptural vaulted door. The five-meter-high cellar is dug into the granite arena. Marc Paolini, a dark-haired, dynamic, and elegant young man, awaits us with a smile.

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