• Corsican wines and vineyards

Corsica, a jewellery box of flavours

The island’s vineyards are unlike any other, being the only island vineyards in France and over 2,000 years old. The diversity of soils and sun-drenched hillsides, the maritime influence and the unusual juxtaposition of microclimates draw the silhouette of wines and terroirs on a large part of the island’s territory. Reflect of a strong identity with thousand-year-old roots, grape varieties are  unusual and noble.

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A renowned terroir, and wines which have a strong identity

Currently the vineyards cover 6,200 ha, spread over 9 appellations and 2 PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) for a production of 380,000 Hl.

Meeting passionate wine producers

If you are a wine lover, discover the many Corsican estates and enjoy the exquisite grape varieties.  Patrimonio, Sartène, Ajaccio, Coteaux and Muscat du Cap Corse, Calvi, Figari, Porto-Vecchio, the routes are numerous that lead to the discovery of the wines of the 9 appellations of controlled origin. Between tastings of grands crus, visits to the  island's markets, and exploration of the heritage trails, you will find a land of wonderful flavours.


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