• Spice up your travels in Corsica

    Relaxed mode

  • Spice up your travels in Corsica

    Relaxed mode

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This year, we’re travelling differently!

In order to preserve its environment and contribute to local development, Corsica has decided to commit to a sustainable tourism development approach. Numerous key players in the island's tourism industry have committed to reducing their carbon footprint and improving the quality of life, to show that another way of travelling in Corsica is possible.

Known for its prolific biodiversity unique on the European continent, Corsica has made the environment a major priority and offers a plethora of exceptional landscapes for the pleasure of its many visitors.

Discover a responsible type of tourism that respects the surroundings and creates true value.

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"Stelle di Corsica" self-catering cottages in Erbaghjolu

Experience something a little closer to the stars!

Reconnect with nature!

Corsica is the ideal region to indulge in Slow Tourism, a movement aimed at rediscovering a taste for a healthy and quality life.  Take your time, favour the gentle and less polluting activities... When you visit Corsica, you won’t be clock watching but open your eyes wide, savour the unparalleled beauty of the island, listen to your desires and put yourself in "relaxation and rest" mode.

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