Springtime in the Castagniccia Mare e Monti region

Castagniccia Mare e Monti, a green patchwork

A great idea for an Easter break in Castagniccia Mare e Monti, where the Good Friday processions unfold.

Day 1: total immersion

Arrive in Corsica.

Welcome at the village of Venzolasca, check-in at a guest house.

Visit the village of Venzolasca, its church and chapels, as well as the village of Vescovato…

In the evening, take part in the Corsican Good Friday tradition, the « Catenacciu », immerse yourself fully in this procession in the heart of the village of Cervione.

Dinner at leisure and overnight in Venzolasca.

Day 2: la Casinca in all its glory

After breakfast, you will set out to explore mountain biking loops that cross some unique landscapes. In the afternoon, you will go in search of a charcuterie producer in Loretu di Casinca, who will help you sample the local specialities that will delight your taste buds! After this tasting you can take the opportunity to visit the village, where you can discover the Bastia region thanks to an exceptional 180° panoramic view.

Dinner at leisure and overnight in Venzolasca.

Day 3: Castagniccia opens its doors to you.

After enjoying breakfast, you can visit the village of Penta di Casinca, the only village that is entirely listed. Stroll through the narrow streets and make the most of this picturesque site as you immerse yourself in history. Later on you will be able to enjoy a moment of freedom during a horse ride on the beach that will provide some unforgettable sensations. In the afternoon, you can enjoy an initiation into wine at a wine estate, where you can sample the wines of our region. Following on from this, head towards Piedicroce and visit an artisan delicatessen in the heart of the village. A little further on, as you stroll around you can discover the Convent of Orezza.

Dinner at leisure and overnight in Venzolasca.

Day 4: a great breath of fresh air

After breakfast, head out into the open air for a short walk during which you can visit the site of the Waters of Orezza at the village of Rapaggio, where you can draw refreshment from this sparkling mineral water. Free time in the afternoon.

Dinner at leisure and overnight in Venzolasca

Day 5: in the heart of the Costa Verde

After breakfast, you can enjoy a stop at the village of Carcheto-Brustico to discover the Cascade de la Struccia and take advantage of a moment of relaxation. Then, on to the village of Felce, where you will go to sample the biscuits and gateaux made by a chestnut flour producer. A sweet moment for the gourmet in you… In the afternoon, you will start your trip at the village of Cervione, with its narrow streets, cathedral, art museum and popular traditions based on the traditional life of locals from yesteryear.

Dinner at leisure and overnight in Venzolasca

Day 6: take-off is imminent!

Following breakfast, gather altitude in an unusual way by enjoying an initiation into paragliding (optional), where you will grow wings and soar above our villages. Make the most of your afternoon as you are pampered at the SPA institute, which offers a range of relaxation packages that will help your body and spirit unwind.

Dinner at leisure and overnight in Venzolasca

Day 7: the fragrances of Corsica

Set off after breakfast for a rendezvous with a producer of olive oil, and to sample the products of the region. In the afternoon you will head to a natural cosmetics workshop. Beauty and wellbeing products are the focus here, and you can find a wide range of fragrances and treatments. Not far from here, take the opportunity to visit a botanical garden and to discover natural essential oils. Then, you can refresh yourself at the Cascade de l’Ucelulline and explore the coastal path that will lead you back to the village.

Dinner at leisure and overnight in Venzolasca.

Day 8: a little tour and you’re off (yes, already...)

After breakfast you will head to Parc Galéa, a veritable showcase of our island that will offer you the chance to see Corsica from different angles and to learn more about our culture and traditions, thanks to some entertaining virtual visits.

Safe journey home and we will see you again soon.

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