By Johanna the 14/05/2020

5 (very good) reasons to come to Corsica

We have everything you dream of… and more

For fine cuisine: enjoy food sourced from local producers 


Corsica has a climate perfect for gardening and agriculture! Whether you’re looking for meat, cheese, fruit or vegetables, small producers can meet our needs as consumers all year round, in the simplest of ways: through local food networks! It’s also easy to come by organic produce, delicatessen products, cakes and even Corsican-made drinks. Do your the island’s markets or buy directly from the producer! 


Browse our selection of the best websites set up to showcase our Corsican producers 


Facebook groups: from producer to consumer 2B / from producer to consumer 2A - Cumprà nustrali!

From Corsican producer to consumers

Directory of producers in Oriente

Lumio producers market in Balagne


For somewhere to sleep: stay in environmentally responsible accommodation  


Corsica has plenty of visitor accommodation committed to clean, environmentally-respectful tourism. Meeting specific criteria, these offer stays that combine eco-tourism with comfort and high quality service  so that your stay in Corsica helps preserve our natural heritage.  


See here for a list of environmentally-committed accommodation providers and a selection of articles on sensible, responsible tourism: 


 European Ecolabel accomodation

 « Rispettu» accomodation

Environmentally responsible holidays in Fium’Orbu Castellu  


For culture and heritage: learn about Corsica while respecting the environment 


A holiday in Corsica can be filled with learning and discovery! Have fun while exploring the island’s history, its natural heritage and its fauna and flora...Flowers, turtles and tortoises, eco-museums and parks: go and discover all the curiosities that make Corsica what it is! 

Check out our list of places that will give you a fun-filled learning experience: 

Saleccia Park on the edge of the Ile Rousse, in the Ile Rousse Balagne region  

A Cupulatta: the tortoise and turtle park near Ajaccio in the Celavu Prunelli region

Galea Park in the commune of Taglio Isolaccio in the Costa Verde region  

Eco-museum of Bocognano region Celavu Prunelli dedicated to Napoleon

Santa Lucia di Mercuriu eco-museum in the Pasquale Paoli region dedicated to Boziu’s rural heritage  


For activities: try soft mobility  


If there’s anywhere perfect for soft mobility, it’s Corsica! With its varied natural heritage, Corsica is a playground for adults and children alike, whether you come as a family, as a couple or solo. You can choose between sea, mountains or rivers or experience them all!  


Sea kayaking, canyoning, electric cycling, paddle-boating, yoga and more...Discover our selection of outing ideas! 


Enjoy an electric bike ride through the vineyards of Patrimonio  

Bicycle tour tracing Napoleon’s footsteps in Ajaccio  

Kayak discovery of the Fango Delta


For well-being: discover slow tourism  


Ever heard of slow tourism? If you haven’t, it can be summed up as follows: taking your time, enjoying the present moment, far from the crowds and off the beaten track. Not so easy? How about...Discovering a village, a speciality, or an out-of-the-ordinary holiday home? 

Follow us for a tailor-made itinerary!


A very gentle stay  

Discover all of Corsica’s colours  

10 random Corsican ideas  

Environmentally friendly holidays in Eastern Corsica  

Best out of the ordinary accommodation in Corsica  






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