Multi-activities trip with Altipiani

Hébergement et activités

Climbing, canyoning, hiking, horseback riding or cycling...this is the stay proposed by ALTIPIANI!

Throughout your stay, you will partake in a number of outdoor activities: rock climbing, hiking,horse riding and E-bike.

 You will be based in Corte in the heart of the Corsican mountains, andyou will discover new site every day, through your activities.Departure on request every day.

You will be included in small groups for the supervised activities.Everyday, we are committed to provide professional help, for all the activities and locations.




Day 1 :

Rock climbing in the Restonica

Valley Meeting point in our shop, in the center of Corte, when you arrive. You will check in to your accommodation, then the evening will be dedicated to climb on a rock face in the Restonica valley.

Climbing outdoors on real rock is a rush and you will enjoy it safely : Top-rope climbing isall about having fun, being outside and offers a rock climbing experience with all the rewards butminimal risks. Top-roping is climbing a rock face with the rope always anchored above you. It’s agreat way to learn the basics of climbing movement, how to belay and how to have fun.


Day 2 :

Hiking and bathing in the Vizzavona forest

Travel with the train, known as the “trinichellu” along the picturesque route to Vizzavona path.

Located in the centre of the island, Vizzavona is the forest most well-known in Corsica. It isparticularly renowned for its cool air in the summer months.

Following a pleasant walk from the Cascade des Anglais (the waterfall of the English) up to the shepherd folds of Porteto, you willcome across natural swimming pools and magnificent waterfalls in a beautiful green setting.


Day 3 :

E-bike / Cycling in Boziu

This is a bike ride that allows you to see the very wild environment of Boziu, a micro-regioncovered with maquis where the old villages cling to the mountain sides.

A number of these villages were built upon the rock in order to survey access to the village and to protect the residences.

A long time ago this was a country of livestock farming; many herds still live out inthe open on the high pastures.

After a fun and easy climb to reach the high-villages, the circuit goes from village to villagetowering over the valleys.


Day 4 :


Canyoning is a water based playful activity that takes place in a wild setting.

It involvesdescending the river using various techniques: walking, many possible jumps (not compulsory),swimming across deep pools of emerald water, initiation of abseiling (rappelling) and sliding down natural water slides.


Day 5 :

 Hike in the Restonica Valley

Take the bus up the Restonica Valley then hike up tothe lakes. The valley has been designated a heritagesite since 1966. You will visit the Restonica valley bytaking the shuttle bus that drives you up the windyroad past the Grutelle shepherd folds.

Finally,access to the lakes is by a rock path.Lake Melo is part of the group of high altitude lakes surrounding Monte Rotondo. It is around this lake made from glaciers that one can see many rare European species. Like its neighboring lake Capitello, at 1710 meters of altitude, it is dug into the granite and is surroundedby a scenery composed of high steep cliffs.


Day 6 :

Horse riding

You will ride horses that are used to the mountain circuits; these horses live out in the open in groups.

 You have the whole day to be led by the knowledgeable hooves of your horse as you sitback and let yourself be amazed ...

End of the tour; possibility to book 1 night more if necessary.

Please note : You will practice all the activities described here, but the order of the day can be reversed




From 1st June to 15 September

How to get thereTo join Corte, you can take the train from the main town of Corsica :Ajaccio, Bastia, Calvi et Ile-Rousse.Timetable : note : no bus or train from Figari Airport.


Clothing and equipment

For the activities

Short, t-shirt, Sun Hat, Sun Glasses, Swimwear

Pants like jean for the horse, fleece, wind stopper

Walking boots and sandals

Daypack/rucksack (size 20 to 30 litter capacity)

For the tour

Personal clothing

Camera & accessories

Torch (and spare bulb and batteries)

Small personal First Aid kit : plasters, sterile dressings and bandages, ablister kit, pain killers e.g. paracetamol and ibuprofen, antiseptic cream,antihistamine cream (for insect bites), insect repellent, sun cream.

Technical equipment

Altipiani supply all the technical material for climbing, cycling, horsing andcanyoning.

Informations complémentaires

Hotel** : 870 €/pers. (departure from 1st to 20 of August : 890 €/pers)

Hotel*** with pool : 940 €/p (departure from 1st to 20 of August : 995 €/p)

Guest house : 940 €/p (departure from 1st to 20 of August : 975 €/p)

Discount 30€ for families (minimum 3 persons)

Reservations for minimum of 2 participants.


From 770€ per person