By Johanna the 17/09/2018

Meeting with FX Dianoux-Stéfani and JP Banghala, associate directors of Corse Incentive

First and foremost, this is a story of passion and a mutual desire to present Corsica as a fully-fledged business destination.

What’s your story in the MICE sector and why did you decide to focus on it?

It’s above all a story of passion. My partner and I founded the agency in 2008. Corse Incentive was born out of a mutual desire to present Corsica as a fully-fledged business destination, and to create a MICE agency whose services are based on a requirement of unpublished qualities. It’s our knowledge of the island, our networks and the complement of our skills that have led us to establish ourselves in the MICE sector, and more specifically within business tourism. This desire for service excellence remains the DNA of the agency, and its employees who have joined since the adventure began.

How do you communicate about the destination to prospective clients?

Corsica is still a well-kept secret in the MICE sector, but it’s garnering more and more attention and is growing steadily for business travel. It’s full of possibilities and offers an ideal terrain, as long as you structure the visit well. I can also add from our MICE experience with other European destinations that Corsica is very well positioned in terms of budget, contrary to some beliefs. Finally, perhaps more than elsewhere, DMCs remain an essential link to the success of any project on the island.

What services do you offer and for what type of client?

We have specialised in MICE and business trips for over 10 years, across the whole island. We organise a large number of services and events in Corsica. Our services range from media presentations and gala evenings to incentive trips through the organisation of seminars and conferences. Thanks to our specialised teams and project managers, we offer clients an inclusive service: transport to Corsica (by scheduled or charter flight), on-site transfers, selected accommodation, catering, exclusive activities and special evenings.

Our clientele is exclusively professional. With over 300 events covered to date, we carry out all types of projects for all budgets: from ultra-personalised seminars for 10 participants, to the international media presentation of a new luxury vehicle to 600 journalists.

What added value makes you attractive to clients?

Corse Incentive combines the flexibility of an event agency with the creativity of a communication agency and the guarantees of a travel agency. We position ourselves as a real partner, dedicated to the project, able to bring expertise and solutions that our customers cannot access by other means. Our experience, our network, our team of experienced project managers and our in-depth knowledge of the destination allow us to offer a new level of service, in line with the quality requirements of our clients. The agency is an interface that provides access to the best in Corsica by simplifying all the process of designing and setting up an event. All our clients can also benefit from official insurance (e.g. Pro Insurance, Travellers’ Guaranteed Fund) which are essential in the context of a business trip.

How do you sell the destination to clients?

Corsica is unique in Europe – many tell us that it’s one of the most beautiful islands in the world. What other MICE destination can boast a wild, high mountain landscape with white sandy beaches and turquoise water, with less than an hour separating the two? Beyond that, Corsica offers MICE clients an incredible range of possibilities on all types of projects. It’s less than a two-hour flight from many major European capitals, thanks to its continually growing airport links. It has an exceptionally well-preserved natural environment and countless activities that come from it. It’s a safe destination in the centre of the Mediterranean with a cultural, sustainable and ‘human’ dimension. In recent years, the range of accommodation has also expanded, from 5-star private holiday residences to our new bivouac tents, which are very popular.


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